The Farm

Trollhaugen Farm in Newfane, Vermont is a small family farm owned and operated by Johanna Gardner with the help of her farmhand, April, and her husband, Bahman.

Home to a lively bunch of human and non-human animals, it is also the headquarters of Madame Jo’s Crêperie, and the site of an award-winning yurt.

The farm stretches over ninety-four acres of largely forested land, populated with clear streams, mossy pine groves and grassy, sheep-studded pastures.

The farm is nestled beneath beautiful Newfane Hill, offering verdant, sun-dappled scenery in spring and summer, and a dazzling backdrop of fiery colors during foliage season.

At the base of the hill sits the historic farmhouse, built in the 1790s and maintained by Johanna’s family since 1938. Both idyllic and wild, the farm/house is fruit of generations of labor and love.